Zen Cart is yet another free open source ecommerce platform that Submit Digitial supports for search engine optimization. Zen Cart is based on the osCommerce platform, but has been developed independently since 2003. Zen Cart has been developed using PHP and MySQL programming languages, which Submit Digital’s SEO specialists are experts in. The main differences between Zen Cart and osCommerce are that Zen Cart is a CSS-based template system and has additional features included. Another thing that sets Zen Cart apart from osCommerce is that it is easier to set up and install.

Zen Cart is another option for businesses that want to design and set up their own website by themselves without the help of an IT professional. Zen Cart does a pretty good job at making the initial set up easy and smooth, although, you do need access to a server in order to host the installation. Zen Cart includes many must-have features, however, it lacks third party extensions and modules to add support, features, and function beyond the initial installation. There are some additional modules, but nothing on the level of Magento or Prestashop.

SEO for Zen Cart is limited by the amount of content that can be displayed on each page. This is an issue with SEO because there needs to be an adequate amount of content on-site in order for SEO to be done properly. Our SEO for Zen Cart services start with this type of customization in order to place proper written content on-site. As with all of our SEO services, we collaborate with Zen Cart users to determine the best possible keyword set to target from SEO. From there, we concentrate on-site to optimize all aspects of the site from written content, to meta-titles, and more. Finally, link-building campaigns are put together to build relevant content-heavy links from relevant domains in order to increase your site’s overall authority, and specifically increase your rankings on the keywords we target.

If you own a Zen Cart business and are interested in increasing your online presence and keyword rankings, contact us today for more information about our Zen Cart SEO services.