Volusion is another ecommerce platform that we offer SEO services for. Volusion is popular with businesses and individuals new to ecommerce because it offers an all in one cloud-based ecommerce solution. Volusion is capable of managing your entire ecommerce business by managing orders through its shopping cart, processing credit cards, tracking customers through a CRM, managing products and inventory, and more. Volusion is favored because of its extensive features, ease of use, and cloud-based management.

Volusion users enjoy the simplicity of the system where they can build an ecommerce store relatively quickly. Volusion offers standard templates as well as web design tools so users can create a completely personalized ecommerce storefront. Volusion also offers mobile website integration, so your customers can access your Volusion website and process orders on their mobile devices. The key to increased sales on an ecommerce platform is making it easy for your customers to find your products, and place an order. Volusion’s simple design and display options do just that.

Submit Digital offers SEO for Volusion to clients who wish to increase traffic and sales to their website. Our standard process applies to Volusion SEO as well – everything begins and ends with unique written content. The first step is to determine which keywords should be targeted to take advantage of the largest traffic opportunity. Of course, we want to target traffic that has a higher rate of converting to a sale, and we consider that in our analysis as well. Next we add written content to your site where applicable to help gain authority and recognition from Google. Finally, we focus all attention on content-heavy linking opportunities in order to boost your rankings on the targeted keyword set, and increase traffic to your site. As with all of our SEO strategies, our Volusion SEO services are 100% white-hat, and will ensure your website stays competitive and reaches top ranks on the targeted keywords.