VirtueMart is another open source ecommerce platform that Submit Digital supports SEO for. Our SEO specialists are well versed in the PHP and MySQL programming languages VirtueMart is written in, and are capable of supporting all of your VirtueMart SEO needs. VirtueMart has many features to satisfy your ecommerce requirements. There are a number of features to customize the look and layout of your website, catalog structure, product detail and images, and of course the shopping cart, payment methods, and shipping. One important thing to note with VirtueMart is that it must be used in conjunction with Joomla, and be hosted on a server. Joomla is an open source content management system (CMS) which is used to build websites and online applications.

VirtueMart users enjoy the advantages of it being open source and free, as well as it being easy to install and set up. VirtueMart also comes with basic shopping cart features as well. However, VirtueMart does lack some high-end features and is not as customizable as other platforms, which is especially frustrating because there are not as many extensions or modules to make up for the lack of features compared to other platforms like Magento. Other negatives to VirtueMart are that admins cannot edit products in a completed order, Google checkout does not come pre-installed, and that it must be used with Joomla. Despite these negatives, VirtueMart is still a great platform for users familiar with Joomla who are looking to create their own ecommerce website.

Submit Digital offers SEO for VirtueMart to clients looking to improve their online presence and increase traffic and sales to their website. After determining which keywords to target, the strategy for VirtueMart SEO begins with on-site optimization. We want to be sure your website is at its best before securing off-site linking opportunities. We do this by adding professionally written unique content and optimizing all other areas to increase page, domain, and keyword authority. Meta-titles and meta-descriptions are optimized and often re-written during this process. From there, we secure a wide range of white-hat linking opportunities for your website that increase your keyword rankings and traffic to your website.

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