Expert Magento Developers

Magento is the leading open source ecommerce platform worldwide, which is no surprise when looking at the robust set of features built in that allows for smooth and easy store creation. Features such as a comprehensive and easy to use interface, support for over 50 payment gateways, simple category and product creation, SEO friendly design, and much more are why more businesses turn to Magento than any other platform. Not to mention the options to customize the look and function are virtually limitless. The platform is also able to integrate with many other applications which enhances functionality and ease of use such as eBay and Amazon integration, as well as compatibility with Paypal, Google Checkout, and more.

Unfortunately, not everyone can take advantage of the full capabilities of Magento because they just do not have programming knowledge or resources. That is why we offer our clients affordable development services to help them get the customization and functionality they are looking for in their websites.

We have supported hundreds of websites with many different customization and development projects. Need a slider on your homepage? Need a custom extension to calculate shipping costs for oversized products? Or maybe you want a complete website redesign to update the look of your site? We can help support all of these projects, and anything in between.

Common Magento development projects include:

  • Theme customization
  • Magento Upgrades – Upgrade code from version 1.3+ to the latest version
  • Creating custom extensions to add functionality
  • Blog integration
  • Homepage customization
  • Slider installation, customization, and design
  • Back-end troubleshooting
  • Product management support
  • Custom shipping rates and set up
  • Website design and re-design
  • Theme development
  • Updating theme to be mobile-friendly and responsive

We have proven expertise in the Magento platform, and have a team of developers fluent in its programming languages of PHP and MySQL, as well as technical IT knowledge to support all of your needs. Our team is experienced in Magento ecommerce development, store creation and customization, template design, custom extension creation, and more. We help our clients expand their businesses by offering top-notch development services at affordable rates. Our clients benefit immensely from our skills and technical expertise.

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Custom Magento Extension Development

The open source Magento platform is feature rich and can be customized to look, feel, and function just about any way you want it to.  The level of customization and functionality able to be added to Magento sets the platform apart from the competition as it is almost limitless. However, many people do not have the knowledge, time, or resources to personally make all of the changes they would like to have on their website.  That is why we offer custom Magento extension development services. These add-ons are sometimes referred to as modules or plug-ins.

Extensions can be thought of as bolt-on functionality or features that can be created and installed to enhance your website.  Do you need custom shipping options?  Need a way to calculate shipping by size instead of weight?  Need custom product search or navigation?  Are you looking for any function or feature that currently is not available on your site? Then you should consider having a custom extension to give the exact functionality and support you are looking for.

Our expert developers are able to custom build extensions that bring new features and functionality to your website including custom shipping options, product navigation, shopping cart checkout, menu options, and much more.  We can design, code, and implement virtually any feature or function, and everything else in between.   Our process starts with gaining a clear understanding of what the client is looking for, and then determining the best approach to implement.  The next step is to design and code the module and test it to ensure proper functionality.  Once fully tested, the functionality will be installed and set up on the client’s website.

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