What happens when your customers clickSearch Marketing the submit button?  The answer to this question determines your company’s credibility and success with new and existing customers.  Today’s landscape differs much from even a few years ago.  Now, the majority of all transactions start online with search.  Over 75% percent of consumers start their purchasing decisions online and use search and social media throughout the buying process.  If your company does not have top search results and a positive presence online, then you will not only lose customers, but you also have diminished ability to gain new customers.  This is because the  credibility and competitiveness of your company is now determined by its search results.

Having a strong presence online is no longer about the search for a new market, but is now about the preservation of all markets.  Less than 24% of customers start their purchasing decision by directly visiting a company site.  The majority of consumers are starting their purchasing decisions by searching online.  This means that decades of brand loyalty could be lost by a small click of the submit button in a search browser.

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