Good search engine optimization starts with Search Engine Marketing Keyword Research
keyword research.  You want your company to rank high (come up first) for as many keywords related to your business and products as possible.  There are a number of factors to take into account when selecting keywords.  Highly competitive keywords are defined as words that have a lot of websites with higher page rank and anchored links from other websites leading to those pages.  Since highly competitive keywords are already well established, it is much more difficult to optimize for these keywords than what are called “longer tail keywords,” or more specific keywords that are less competitive.

The age of your website, the existing ranking for keywords, and the page rank of your website all contribute to the ability to rank for keywords.

Proper keyword research must take into account the ability to rank for a keyword and its value commercially.  In other words, some keywords will bring in more traffic than others, so it may be best to target those.

We will work with you to determine which keywords would be most valuable to your business, and create a plan to get your website to rank highest on them in order to bring in more traffic.