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Want to diplay the Magmi Images

Asked by: DaltonFord 2365 views ,

I’m trying to import the items with Magmi however I am not able to obtain the images showing up, I have undergone another questions as well however got no luck

from them.

After I got them uploaded I neither got any images nor any error was displayed and it appears as though it seems within the back-end because it states hover to see the

image, however when I hover to view the image this just disappears like there was no image ever.

I have got this within my “Read Local Images From” media/import in Magmi I’m presuming that this really is public_html/media/import?

And That I possess the images inside as well as in my csv column I’ve image-name.jpg

Did anybody out there got any issue like that and succeeded to fix the same?

Any assistance will be appreciated.

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    Magento Expert on Jul 21, 2013


    It seems your having problem on importing products images at your backend.
    Using FTP client, be sure to upload your product images here public_html/media/import
    Then you need to remove slashes on every image url in your csv. See sample below,

    Change this url /d/s/test_1.jpg to /test_1.jpg

    Note: Please don’t upload your images by folder, they should be for example:

    Hope that helps!

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  2. DaltonFord on Jul 30, 2013

    Your assistance is really helpful to me and i got the issue resolved.

    Thank a lot,

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