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Unable to change the customer group

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hope someone here can help me out a bit with the following:

I’ve created the following customer groups (Custumers/Customer groups):

  • B2B
  • Consumer
  • Dealer Bronze
  • Dealer Gold
  • Dealer Silver
I’ve done this so that I can add different prices per product for different types of clients. All fairly straightforward so far I assume.
To test my efforts I’ve created a new user with my private email and made an account. This went well enough; this user got assigned to the default “Consumer” group.
When I went to change the test-user customer-group I found the user in the overview page (Customers/Manage Customers). Clicked on the user and changed the group type to Dealer Gold and saved.

Now when I looked at the users overview page the setting that I just edited was shown correctly: under the item “Group” it said “Dealer Gold”. So far so good.

Here’s where it gets weird and where I could use your help:
When I tested the settings on the frontend of the site I saw no difference from the consumer group setting that the user was in before.

Going back to the backend I still saw the correct group setting in the customers-overview page. When I clicked on my test user though it displayed that the customer-group was set back to it’s default position of “consumer” again.

What could possibly be the cause of this, anyone have any thoughts?

Thanks in advance!!

BTW; I’m using magento community


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