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Excellent, thank you it works!

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Can anyone tell me the meaning of the feature “Use Custom Permissions” while running Magento Installer?

Thanking you for your wonderful explanation and i am impressed, it was explained so well that it took me no time to understand. Thanks, Emma

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How to copy an existing Magento website locally

Thank you Magento Expert for your valuable and detailed assistance. I followed your all steps and got my problem resolved. Regards Seth

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Need help cause my .htaccess file not working on server Apache2

Thank you for the assistance......I also tried by renaming my .htaccess and then installed new one but same issue again. I will now ask for help from hosting customer support. Best Regards Debb...

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Magento Collection on Mysql4 = No such file or directory

Thank you for the solution, its working fine now. Regards Ayden

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How to assign all the attributes to an attribute group?

Hi Rex, Your code is working fine and my problem is gone as i feel like i never got any issue with this. Thank you for your guidance. Best Regards Geneva

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Want to diplay the Magmi Images

Your assistance is really helpful to me and i got the issue resolved. Thank a lot, Dalton

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I want to start a shopping cart

Hi, Magento has a default Checkout option and you need to fill-up necessary fields in your admin. It is necessary also to configure the payments methods, shipping methods, etc. All you need to do ...

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Show the lately seen without login? [closed]

Hi, It seems this request is not possible and it is not required. May I help you with anything else? Cheers!

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Can anyone tell me the meaning of the feature “Use Custom Permissions” while running Magento Installer?

Hi Emma, Custom permissions will allow you to set the access rights to specific users and groups of users. It means, there are different of users that can access your site like admin for example. A...

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