Prestashop is yet another free open source ecommerce solution that has been available to users since 2007. The platform proudly boasts having over 115,000 active stores in over 150 countries and over 300,000 community members. It is a fully customizable ecommerce platform with hundreds of features included for free, and there are many other modules you may purchase to add new features and enhancements to your site. Specific functionality and features can also be custom developed and added to your site to improve performance. As mentioned, the platform is feature rich and offers features and customization of catalog and product structure and management, multiple options for layered navigation, many shipping and payment methods, optional guest checkout, site analytics and reporting, and much more.

The laundry list of features and additional support through add-on modules makes Prestashop a favorite among ecommerce webmasters looking for a lot of functionality. Key features like eBay support, inventory management, SEO tools, product comparison, mobile app support, layered navigation options, unlimited category and product expansion, as well as other great features keeps users satisfied. The platform is capable and powerful enough to manage even the most complicated and large-scale ecommerce websites, and can also manage multiple stores through the same back end. With so much versatility, so many performance options, and the amount of functionality and customization available, it is no wonder Prestashop is one of the fastest growing ecommerce solutions.

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