In addition to ecommerce SEO and web development services, Submit Digital offers a number of other services to support your ecommerce business.  Our years of experience with ecommerce SEO and platform expertise lead to lasting results for you and your business.  At Submit Digital, we know that if you are successful, we will be successful as well, which is why we offer these additional services to help support you.

Magento Development, Service, and Site Creation:

Submit Digital offers a wide range of support for the Magento ecommerce platform.  Our in-house Magento specialists are experts in Magento’s source code and programming languages which allows us to offer superior support.  Whether you need custom design or development work, or help installing an extension or upgrade, we can assist you.  Our team of specialists can develop a custom Magento storefront from scratch for you, or update the look and design of your current website.  We also offer a range of services packages for ongoing Magento support.  If you need any support on the platform, the experts at Submit Digital are here to help.

Content Development:

Content development is always a critical piece to any effective SEO strategy.  Unique content is needed for on-site optimization of target keyword landing pages (e.g. homepage, category pages, etc.), and is also required for all off-site link building opportunities.  Due to the importance of quality unique written content, Submit Digital has a team of professional content writers to create the amount of unique content required on a monthly basis.

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