We’ve discussed the importance of on site content in previous blog postings, and I’ll get into some more in this post. Along with external links, social media, and site traffic stats, on site content is one of the key factors in a successful SEO campaign. When we say “on site content” we mean specifically the written content on the homepage as well as category pages.

Written content is critical because Google values it much higher than it ever did previously so it’s important to have proper written content, especially on ecommerce sites which are notorious for being light on written content. Ever since the Panda update in early 2011, written content has become critically important on site, as well as in off-site link opportunities. In order to get the proper recognition and authority from Google, you should have unique relevant content on your homepage, and all category and sub-category pages, and specifically the category pages that you are targeting for SEO.

Another important point to consider with ecommerce on site content is the product descriptions. Very often, the same products are sold on multiple websites with the same manufacturer product descriptions. Google picks up the product descriptions as duplicate content across the different sites which could hurt your rankings and SEO. The best-case scenario for this is to re-write all of your product descriptions so they are sure to be unique across all websites selling the same product. This is of course time and resource intensive, but good things never come without a cost, and if you want to stay ahead of your competition, this is one way to make sure you do.

As part of our SEO services, Submit Digital identifies the proper category pages for each keyword targeted, and then writes unique content for your website. Once that content is written, the client approves it and we then post it on the website to begin getting immediate traction… “immediate” in the SEO world being the next time Google indexes.