With the recent explosion of smart phones and tablets, the Mobile Search Optimizationinternet is more accessible than ever.  Mobile phone internet is the fastest growing segment of internet usage, which means more potential traffic to your website.  Because of this, mobile search and a website’s online mobile presence is poised to become much more important in the very near future.

Browsing on mobile phones is different than a computer.  The screen is smaller and localization is even more important.  The current opportunity on mobile devices is often compared to the internet of the late 1990s – it is a huge opportunity, but people and businesses are not 100% sure what to do with it.

Here is what we do know about mobile marketing and mobile search optimization:

  • Fast growing market
  • Customers are using smaller screens and touch screens, so your desktop web designs do not always display correctly
  • Search engines are designed to improve the user experience and thus favor mobile optimized sites on mobile search over desktop sites
  • Effective calls to action – click to call, etc
  • Ability for highly effective localized results and interaction

What does this mean for your website and your business?  If your website isn’t optimized for mobile internet use, you will miss an opportunity to increase traffic, customer interaction, and sales.  Submit Digital can help take your existing website and create an optimized mobile site so you can begin taking advantage of this new segment of internet marketing right away!.