Magento is a highly scalable, search engine friendly, open source ecommerce platform that you can rely on to build your business. This platform is feature rich, offering a fully customizable front end with configurable products, powerful search functionality, and a very user friendly back end. This platform gives ecommerce developers the option to create innovative, highly customized and cost-effective online shopping carts and e-stores. It is a favorite among developers because of how fully customizable it is. On top of all of the built in functionality, virtually any feature, functionality, or design can be custom programmed. Many times additional features do not need to be custom developed, as there are also thousands of third party extensions to add features and functionality that can be purchased and installed.

At Submit Digital, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience with Magento and other ecommerce platforms. Our in-house Magento specialists are fluent in the platform’s PHP, javascript, and MySQL based back-end programming and platform specifics which allows us to quickly assess and correct any and all problems with your website that could impede its operation and SEO performance. Anyone who has experience working with ecommerce platforms knows that they can be difficult to manage, confusing to navigate, and easy to break, which is why it is always best to consult with experts before trying to undertake any type of development yourself. Trust the experts at Submit Digital to effectively manage your online marketing strategy and ecommerce site development.

After going through your website with a fine-toothed comb to eliminate all impediments to its success, we continue our SEO strategy by adding written content to applicable pages, and begin looking at link building opportunities off-site. Off-site link building is performed on a specific set of keywords, researched and targeted beforehand, which will in turn increase your search engine rankings, website traffic, and sales. SEO for Magento websites targeting specific keywords is essential to a winning marketing strategy, and the experts at Submit Digital can help you understand your need for such services as well as our methods to achieve lasting results.

Our level of experience and expertise in the Magento platform allows us to offer additional services to our clients. Our in-house specialists are able to design and create a new Magento ecommerce website for you, update the design of your existing site, code and develop custom extensions to improve functionality or add features, as well as manage any other development needs you may have.

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