In this blog, I’d like to cover a brief Google search overview. Things have been changing a lot the past year with Google updating their algorithm many times. We also saw the infamous Google “Panda Update” come through in early 2011 which impacted SEO for a lot of websites because of the focus on duplicate content, although, the Panda changes have been updated and fine-tuned multiple times as well. SEO strategies that used to work don’t work as well, and some even have negative consequences!

Regardless of the changes that have been taking place, many things have remained the same, or maybe I should say they remain important. Google, of course, is still king, while Bing and Yahoo continue to flounder to find ways to increase usage. If you want to do well on the internet, you want to do well with Google. There are about seven areas of Google you need to be aware of, if not focus on and I will cover them in more detail in future blogs. Number one and two of course are organic keyword results, and Google shopping results, respectively. You simply must rank well on organic keywords in order to remain competitive in your ecommerce industry. You also need to have your products set up in Google shopping, and be performing there as well. News results, video results, and image results also play a part in the Google SEO equation, with video being particularly important and valuable if done correctly. Last but not least, local results and brand results – specifically the six pack need to be considered. These are the things that need to be considered when looking at how your website is coming up in Google search results.

As I mentioned, we’ll be covering these points on Google in more detail in future blogs. To recap, Google can help, hurt, or remain neutral with your SEO depending on how well you’re performing in these areas:
• Organic keyword results
• Shopping results
• News
• Video
• Images
• Local results
• Brand results (6 pack)

So remember from an SEO perspective Google is king, while Bing and Yahoo are almost negligible, for now at least!