Penguin Update

Unless you were negatively impacted by Google’s Penguin algorithm update!

The Google Penguin algorithm update was initially launched in April of 2012 and evaluates domains that are linking to a site and evaluates them based on a set of criteria which is basically: 1) Is this site spam? 2) Is this site relevant to the other sites it links to? and 3) Is there over-optimized anchor text or keyword stuffing? Basically, they tightened the noose on all of these standards, which means links from domains Google views as “spam” will be devalued.

Penguin 2.0 is now a part of Google’s regular indexing process, and will not require manual updates like previous versions of Penguin prior to March 2013. This is an overall positive change for a few reasons. The first of which is poor link building practices will no longer be effective in the short-term because previously Penguin had to be manually updated in Google’s index, so you could get a positive boost from bad links between data refreshes at Google. This way there should be no surprises or sudden negative drops in traffic or keyword rankings. Another positive outcome from the Penguin 2.0 update is that more people are realizing black hat SEO is not worth it because it will only get you into trouble with Google and potentially sabotage your keyword rankings and site traffic. Google has effectively made it harder for black hat SEO to succeed, and is enforcing positive SEO practices.

Submit Digital has always embraced White hat SEO and doing what is right for our clients, their businesses, and of course their websites. There is no cheap substitute for quality content writing, meaningful link building, and technical expertise. If you think your website was negatively impacted by Penguin, contact us and our experienced and knowledgeable team can get you back on track to success.