Link building is arguably the most important factor for SEO. However, there’s a right and wrong way to build links, as well as good and bad sources. You could also have great links, and a lot of them, but it won’t do you much good if your site isn’t optimized with proper written content, meta-titles, descriptions, etc. So, while link building is important, it’s still just one piece of the SEO puzzle that needs to be managed.

In the not so distant past, link building was all about quantity regardless of quality. The sites with the most backlinks received the highest keyword rankings and authority. Link exchanges, forum commenting, blog commenting, and other links now viewed as poor quality worked extremely well, and were very cheap to obtain. Many overseas SEO companies popped up in India and other countries which would literally build thousands of links per month, and it worked! The game has certainly changed….

Nowadays, these types of poor quality links will most likely end up hurting your rankings, and lowering your site’s overall authority and recognition from Google. The Panda and Penguin Google algorithm updates made these links obsolete, and dangerous. However, that hasn’t stopped SEO companies from offering them, so be aware!

The best link building opportunities come from relevant websites with relevant content and high page rank. The days of cheap mass-link building on irrelevant sites are over. Google looks at relevance and domain authority of incoming links and attaches much more importance to them. If you’re optimizing for “ripe oranges” you are going to want to build links from websites about oranges, fruit, food, or other relevant factors. Look for websites with the highest PR possible, because those will be the most valuable. The incoming link should be from a page with relevant and unique written content, as that will further increase the value of that link.

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