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What if you built a website and nobody came?

If you own an e-commerce website, you understand that fear. You know how vital search engine traffic is to your success.

90% of e-commerce companies interviewed said, they would not be profitable without search engine traffic

It's not just about how much website traffic you get, either. Your search positions are important to your brand's reputation because they show just how credible of a player you are in your niche. The higher you rank on Google and Bing the more trust consumers have for your products and services.

Higher rankings
better bottom line

But as important as search is to your success, it's not easy. The world of search is complicated and scary.

Penguin penalty
Panda penalty
Seo Scams

There has even been talk that SEO does not even work anymore. It's not true.

Search optimization still works wonders. In fact the basics of real SEO are exactly the same now as they were five years ago.

The information is no secret. Google, the most important search engine of them all, tells you exactly what they want:

The only difference today is that no one slides by with bad SEO or shady practices like keyword stuffing, link building or other sloppy tactics.

Link Building

For a while, many of these things were sold to customers as legitimate products to increase traffic online. Even now, you are probably receiving offers for link building services. (WARNING: If you are currently working with a link-building service, stop immediately. Bad practices can ruin your reputation with search engines.)

Ok, so what is good SEO then?

1 Stop thinking about keywords and ranks.

Huh, stop thinking about search positions? Isn't that what we are talking about here?

Yes, stop thinking about your positions on keywords and start thinking about traffic from content niches.

Your reports should show traffic from thousands and thousands of keywords and the number of keywords driving traffic should be always growing. No more looking at a rank report of a small number of money keywords in hopes that they drive traffic. We can help.

2Make sure search engines get it. It's technical.

“…I just installed an SEO plug-in. I am good to go, right?”

Hate to break it to you, but, an SEO plug-in can't possibly do all the work you need. There are so many ways to do this wrong or break something critical in the process. You need to present your content so search engines can translate it. From Google's perspective, your search result will raise or lower depending on its ability to understand what you want accomplished. Don't feed it Greek.

3You need to be a credible actor on the web.

You need fans. That means links from other credible websites. Reviews. And lots of social activity (friends, followers, shares, mentions and more.) This takes, time, effort and a solid plan. It doesn't happen in an instant, but it can and will happen with the right support.

So if this is all public information, can't I just do this myself and save money?

What about hiring professionals?


Plus, when you leave SEO to the professionals you get results while you can stay focused on your core competency.

Give Submit Digital a call today to see how we can help you reach your goals.

We don't do shady. We don't do unethical. We don't do bad SEO.

Instead, we give you:

  • Detailed project plans
  • Deliverables that provide value no matter how long you're a client (or how much you spend)
  • Technical expertise in whatever software you use, eliminating inefficiencies
  • Expertise in executing the technical and niche aspects of SEO (we specialize in Magento)
  • And more
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