It’s no secret that Google is the most widely used search engine, and the number of Google users vastly outweighs the number of users on Yahoo and Bing combined. This gives Google tremendous power and authority over the market. When it comes down to SEO, the experts are always focused on what works for Google, because that’s where the majority of online search traffc is generated. Since most traffic comes from Google, we always focus on what works best for Google because that will have the biggest impact on results.

Where does that leave Bing and Yahoo? Should you just forget about them and not even consider them at all for your SEO? The answer is, of course, no you should not forget about them, because they are capable of bringing more traffic and customers to your site. Why ignore a potential revenue stream? Estimates vary, and many people agree that Google accounts for about 70% of online searches, while the remaining search engines divide up the remaining 30%, with Bing and Yahoo having the largest parts of it.

As for SEO for Bing and Yahoo, we don’t recommend specifically optimizing for those search engines because all of the efforts you make to optimize for Google will also benefit your rankings on those search engines as well. Doing things like increasing the amount of unique written content on your website, building links to quality relevant websites, writing press releases, and creating social media content and interactions will all help benefit your SEO for Google, Bing, and Yahoo. By optimizing your website and keywords for Google, you will receive the same benefits on other (less picky) search engines as well. So, the fact remains that if you want to perform well online, you must do well with Google.